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Spinal Care for your four-legged family!

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Noelle Mossman, D.C. |Animal Chiropractor


Certified in Animal Chiropractic by the Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission (ACCC) of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA)

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To learn more about animal chiropractic and the AVCA, please visit

If you would like to book an appointment, please call or text 918.613.3032 to schedule your Initial Animal Chiropractic Exam. 

Why Chiropractic?

Animal Chiropractic is more than aligning bones; it also addresses the overall health of your pet. Chiropractic is a gentle, safe, effective, and drug free way to help heal the spine and skeletal system. When the spine is misaligned, it can adversely affect the health and daily life of your pet. However, Chiropractic care can correct the spinal alignment and promote the optimal health of your pet.

Since our animals are unable to communicate verbally with us, we must rely on their body language and behavior changes. Subtle changes in their behavior can alert owners to the need of Chiropractic care. Below is a list of signs and symptoms that may help you identify if Chiropractic care can help optimize the health and well-being of your four legged family.

Dog/Canine and Cat/Feline 

Signs and Symptoms

(dogs/canines and cats/felines are treated at their location)


  • Difficulty jumping/chewing/eating

  • Limping/lameness

  • Behavioral Change

  • Back, Neck, Leg, or Tail Pain

  • Pain when getting touched (scratching, petting, lifting) 

  • Post-surgical Care

  • Lethargy

  • Improve quality of life


Signs and Symptoms

(horses/equine are treated at their location)


  • Lameness

  • Abnormal gait/shortened stride

  • Reduced performance

  • Resistance to being ridden

  • Change in behavior

  • Difficulty flexing at poll

  • Bucking

  • Difficulty taking lead

  • Posture changes

  • Sports injury

A Chiropractic exam includes a neurological exam, stance and gait analysis, as well as motion and static palpation. It also includes evaluating the patient's history, intended use, health state, and prior x-rays (if available). The Chiropractic adjustment is a high velocity controlled thrust to restore motion within the joints. 

Who can perform Chiropractic on Animals?

In Oklahoma, any licensed Veterinarian or Chiropractor is able to perform a Chiropractic adjustment on animals. However, only a few have advanced training and certification from an Animal Chiropractic post-graduate course.

The Animal Chiropractic post-graduate course is taught to Veterinarians and Chiropractors across the country. Veterinarians focus more on the science, philosophy and art of Chirorpractic where as the Chiropractors focus more on the anatomy of horses, dogs, and cats as well as veterinarian diseases, zoonotic diseases, neurology, safety, and saddle fit, although this is not an inclusive list.